5 Beauty Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Healthy

  • Anita
  • May 16, 2018
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Taking care of your hair can easily get frustrating if things just aren’t going right. There are a bunch of hair care details to remember about hair care, which can make the process a little taxing. Try using the following five tips to help keep a healthy head of hair!

1. Invest In Upgrading Your Hair Tools

Your hair deserves your best treatment. Using old hair tools can actually unintentionally damage your hair. Old straighteners that get too hot can dry your hair out much too fast. Same goes for the hair dryer you’ve been using since college. Don’t hesitate to give your daily hair tools an upgrade.

It’s also important to realize different kinds of hair respond differently to heat. If you have thin, wispy hair, you shouldn’t be using high heat devices. High heat is best suited for those with really thick and coarse hair. Using the cool setting helps seal the hair cuticle and lock in moisture.

2. Give Your Hair A Break From Extensions

Although extensions can be fun to play with, it’s important to give your real hair a break every once in a while. Even if you use clip-ins, extensions can still have a negative effect when used too often. If you have thin hair, taking a break from extensions is especially important.

Extensions cause breakage when they stay in for too long. You can try a routine that moisturizes and strengthens your hair if you can’t seem to take a long enough break. Talk to your hair salon about using proteins, fruit extracts and vitamins to reduce breakage while you have your extensions.

3. Remember To Use Conditioner

Letting the conditioner sit in your hair can be annoying, but it’s well worth your time. Conditioner is a great way to protect your hair from heat. When you blow dry your hair, you’ll be less likely to dry it out if you condition your hair regularly. It’s the ingredients that won’t rinse off after the soak that help protect your hair. Use cool water to rinse to allow more of the residual ingredients to be left on your hair.

4. Invest In Professional Care

Going to a hair salon can seem intimidating, but it’s an excellent way to invest in your hair. One of the biggest reasons to go to a hair salon is to learn more about your hair. Getting a professional opinion on your type of hair and how to best take care of it makes taking care of your hair at home a breeze.

Visiting a hair salon is also important if you want to color your hair without damaging it. Hair salons use products of a higher quality that you won’t generally find in the store. They also know how to mix colors to get the right match for your skin tone. You’ll feel much more satisfied and confident in taking care of your hair when you take the time to visit a hair salon.

5. Treat Your Hair Gently

Although it seems like a natural instinct, you shouldn’t attack your hair with your towel right when you get out of the shower. Aggressively rubbing your hair with your towel can damage the cuticle, which causes dryness, frizz and eventually weakness. Gently patting your hair dry takes longer, but it’s much more gentle on your hair.

Another way to give your hair the treatment it deserves is to take it easy when untangling knots. It can feel satisfying to bulldoze your way through a tangled mess of hair, but it damages the cuticle. Try and use a wide-tooth comb that you can gently pass through your hair to deal with knots.

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