Do You Have Perfect Teeth? 5 Signs You Might Need Braces

  • Anita
  • September 25, 2017
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No one likes getting braces. Especially in middle or high school when most people get them, they aren’t the most attractive, or comfortable, attire. That said, it’s a small price to pay to having straight and healthy teeth throughout your life. But even if you’re unsure of the benefits of getting braces, here are five problems that it can solve. If you have any of the following problems, it may be time to pay the orthodontist a visit.

1. Are Your Teeth Crooked?

Take a close look at your teeth in the mirror. Do any of them look like they’re overlapping, crooked, or protruding forward from the other teeth? Don’t be alarmed, this happens to everyone. That said, those are the most common indicators that one needs braces. Another indicator is how close the teeth are together. Can you fit dental floss in between all your teeth? If not, that may be another sign of crowded teeth.

Fortunately, your orthodontist can solve all those problems. It’s best not to wait, however, as crowding can get worse over time, making areas of your teeth harder to clean; not to mention it will grow to be uncomfortable and possibly painful. The best time to address these problems is as a child, the next best time is now!

2. Are Your Top Teeth Covering the Bottom Teeth?

The overbite is a very common orthodontic problem in children, which refers to the top set of teeth overlapping the bottom set. Granted, a small overbite is normal, but when the front teeth stick out much further then the bottom set, you know it’s time to seek an orthodontist to get braces. Failure to correct the problem not only puts the front teeth at an increased risk of fracturing, but it can be uncomfortable and make the individual self-conscious.

3. Food Regularly Getting Stuck in Your Mouth?

Speaking of uncomfortable, food getting stuck in your teeth repeatedly ranks up there. If you find this keeps happening to you, or your child, it’s time to consider getting braces. Getting spinach or lettuce stuck in your teeth occasionally is one thing, but getting chunks of meat and other solids stuck in small gaps between your teeth is another.

If this keeps happening, though, make sure to floss regularly until you’re able to have the problem fixed, as plaque and bacteria can build.

4. Having Trouble Shpeaking?

If your child is experience speech problems, it could be one of several things. It is very possible, however, that it is a result of crowded or crooked teeth, or other jaw misalignments. Pay attention to whether your child has problems with certain words or letters; that could be the most obvious indication that your child needs to see an orthodontist to get braces.

5. Are You Regularly Tired During the Day?

This is a much less obvious side-effect of an orthodontic problem, but no less important. Many people complain about still feeling tired, despite a full night of sleep. This may be the result of sleep apnea, a neurological disorder that results from a misaligned jaw, causing lower air flow, and therefore, less oxygen to the brain.

Feeling tired throughout the day could be one of several physical or mental problems, so it’s important to see a doctor to rule those factors out first. If it is sleep apnea, however, your orthodontist should be able to reposition your jaw to increase air flow for better sleep.

Getting braces installed on your teeth isn’t the most pleasant procedure, and they aren’t the most attractive look either. But, keep in mind that most people get braces at a young age, and that it’s simply a requirement to having beautiful, straight teeth in adulthood.

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