4 Design Elements for Your Package Design

  • Anita
  • January 17, 2018
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Instead of opting for something plain and generic, you decide that you want the packaging for your product to stand out and be the leader in its field. While this was more than likely an easy choice for you, coming up with such a package can be more difficult and frustrating than anticipated.

There are certain elements that you need to consider when choosing packaging for your product. Below are the most important ones and being mindful of them will grab the attention of customers and boost your sales.

1. Protection

It would be a major disappointment for you to discover that a customer bought your product, took it home, opened it, and found the item was damaged. To prevent this from happening, it is essential that your packaging provides adequate protection to the product. Damaged products will result in a bad reputation for your company and in turn dramatic reductions in sales.

If your item is heavy or delicate, make sure your packaging is thick and strong to protect against outside threats or the item itself breaking through. If your item is lighter, you may be able to get away with thinner packaging materials but confirm that it is able to protect against light or extreme temperatures that would affect the overall quality of items enclosed.

2. Brand information

The packaging company you choose for your products is more than just what keeps your items safe and composed. It provides a method for you to build your brand and the packaging that you have may be the best way to communicate the product’s strengths to the customer. Because your products will most likely be grouped together with similar items from your competitors, you want yours to be easily recognizable and stand out from the rest as the obvious choice.

The packaging should obviously have your brand’s name in plain view but should also include package contents, ingredients if applicable, and ways to contact your company if customers have questions, comments, or concerns. These are details people look for on a package and if they are not available, they may pass on your product.

3. Aesthetics

Your product needs to grab the attention of customers and you will only have a few seconds to achieve this. Within another few seconds they will decide if they are going to purchase your product. Therefore, your product must be appealing and it will not be with drab, generic packaging. For the name of your brand, choose an elegant yet simple font that clearly states what you are selling yet adds some style and class to the item.

It is a proven fact that bright, vibrant colours are more likely to catch the attention of people so red, yellow, orange, and brighter blues and greens should definitely be considered. Be mindful of brands such as Coca-Cola or Nike. These items are easily recognized from near and far and this is what you should seek to achieve for your product.

4. Keep it simple

Most people have been in a situation where they purchase something, take it home, and have to wrestle with the excessive plastic to actually access the item, almost cutting themselves with the scissors needed or the sharp plastic edges of the packaging itself. While protection should be paramount, this is usually overkill and this packaging method usually frustrates people to the point where they are turned off from purchasing from the company that produced it in the future. Choose packaging that will keep your product safe but allows customers to easily open it. They will appreciate this ability and it may result in more sales for you in the future.

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