4 Ways to Jazz Up Your Packages for Holiday Shipping

  • Anita
  • December 18, 2017
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In the modern world of ecommerce, you want to be a stand-out company. Arguably, you have to be a stand-out company to survive amongst competitors. A good marketing campaign, whether email, social media, or both, will keep your customers flocking to you over the holiday season, but what will keep them coming back? The finishing touches, of course!

The right packaging says it all. Make yourself memorable. Keep your customers coming back for more when you wrap it right. Follow these simple steps to ensure quality packaging over and after the holiday season. Start the New Year on a decorative foot with your company’s packaging:

1. Consider colorful mailers

Who says you have to stick with the standard manila envelope to ship packages in? While you may worry about the cost of color, the reality of it is not nearly as frightening. Glamourous bubble mailers in shades of red, green, silver, gold, or else will catch a customer’s eye and encourage them to ship to friends. Sparkle and shine are never out of style when it comes to holiday product packaging and shipping.

Plus, glamour colored mailers offer protection with bubble on the inside. Flashy is one thing, but safety upon arrival should always be your number one priority as a business owner or company executive.

2. Put crinkle paper on the inside of the box

Yes, it gets everywhere, and moms tend to hate it, but you can get away with it during the holiday season as a company (and customer). Whether your company chooses to only have special packaging over the holidays, or continue throughout the year, simple add-ons like this will be special to your company aesthetic.

If you decide to continue crinkle paper or colorful mailers throughout the year, consider switching up the color according to season or to complement your company’s logo colors – the possibilities are endless when it comes to creative packaging. Crinkle paper from The Packaging Company provides cushion for products, and comfort for mom that little dust is left behind, making for a cleaner assembly line and home.

3. Bubble wrap expressions

What are bubble wrap expressions? Simply put, they’re like “regular” bubble wrap, but better. Add your company slogan or a clever saying to the bubble wrap. It will literally pop out at customers. They will love to find this in their boxes when they receive their orders full of your product. Talk about viral packaging potential!

The holidays are chock full of social posts about products and packaging. Make yours a must-talk-about. Don’t miss out on the potential the current digital market has for your ecommerce business. Of course, a simple “Thank You” usually does the trick just fine.

4. Indestructo mailers

These are more of a necessity than a supplementary feature your company can offer its customers over the holiday season. The last thing your company wants is a slew of complaints and bad reviews over the months of December, January, and February. These are prime shopping (and return) times for consumers.

Increase the retention rate of your products when you ensure the safety of their arrival with indestructo mailers. Since they come in a variety of sizes, you will also feel assured that your product is kept comfortable when transitioning from warehouse to the consumer’s household. Indescructo mailers are crush resistant and easy to assemble, as an added bonus!

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