5 Adorable Facts About Portuguese Water Dogs

  • Anita
  • April 19, 2018
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The title of Man’s Best Friend isn’t given out lightly, but you can rest assured that our fuzzy, four legged friends known as dogs are well deserving of it. Dogs can give us joy, companionship, and even shelter in times of hardship, which is more than can be said about many people.

Luckily, there are plenty of puppies and varieties of dog to go around for everyone who could ever want one! What kind of dog should you be most excited to meet, though? Well, in the words below, you will find five adorable facts that may just make you want to fawn over Portuguese water dogs.

1. Portuguese Water Dogs Are Very Active

PWDs simply love to be on the run and energetic. They are so energetic, in fact, that it is suggested that they are given at least two 20 minute sessions of free range running in a yard each day. After all, the absolute last thing that you want your fuzzy buddy to do is become depressed from a lack of activity while being cooped up in an old house.

2. Portuguese Water Dogs Are Very Intelligent

Everyone loves a smart pet, right? Due to this intelligence, Portuguese water dogs are quite easy to train and also a bit more fun to play with, as they can be clever and entertaining. Plus, if they ever get bored, then they may just be able to find a way to entertain themselves, so they do not even require as much care giving. Although you should probably give those puppies as much care as they could possibly want, as puppies are great.

3. Portuguese Water Dogs Are Typically Great With Children

A great sign for any potential pet, patience with children is a huge plus for anyone seeking a family pet. Of course, it is always advised to supervise children with animals, but you should have significantly less to worry about when you have a Portuguese water dog. However, every dog is different and some simply are not fans of children or playing in certain ways. It is advised that you ensure a child knows to be gentle and respectful to their pets before allowing them to play together. Hopefully your child will gain a childhood friend to remember fondly when looking back in time!

4. Portuguese Water Dogs Are Hypoallergenic

Ah, allergies. They can be a real flea in the water bowl sometimes, especially if you are an animal lover seeking a furry, friendly companion. Luckily, however, there are pets that are hypoallergenic! Among those pets are the Portuguese water dog, which supposedly does not shed and is much easier on the allergies. Although, the thick, curly coat does require regular attendance in the form of brushing and clipping. Honestly, a bit of maintenance is totally worth the price of having an awesome pet to build a strong bond with!

5. Portuguese Water Dogs Surprisingly Love Water

In a plot twist for the ages, the typical Portuguese water dog absolutely enjoys the presence of water. Most Portuguese water dogs will do almost anything to make their way into the water, so they are ideal pets for those of us who live near water, enjoy boating or fishing, and even people who have pools! Of course, you should always supervise the dog in open water and maybe try to keep them out of the pool in order to avoid fur wreaking havoc on filters. It would still be pretty awesome to have a dog swimming buddy, right?

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