5 Inappropriate Behaviours That May Mean You Need a Lawyer

  • Anita
  • March 27, 2018
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We have all been subject to inappropriate behaviours in the workplace. Whether they be mild and unintentional or malevolent and completely intended, they do happen and can occur at any time. Some of these instances may be difficult to handle, as you may not know exactly what to do in a certain scenario.

It is often easy to find yourself a bit lost in the shock of the moment, asking yourself whether or not it is time to hire an employment lawyer. Luckily, you will find five incredibly inappropriate behaviours below that may just signal that it is time to consider an employment lawyer.

1. Inappropriate Hugs

Hugs are swell ways to show care and affection! That is, as long as they are warranted and appropriate. Most of us enjoy hugs from friends and family, but in a professional environment they may feel a bit creepy. This is especially true when coming from a coworker that you do not know that well, or do not feel comfortable around. If this behaviour persists, then it is advised that you inform the hugger to stop, and if that does not work, then an employment lawyer may be needed.

2. Sexual Propositions

Sex between coworkers outside of the workplace is not necessarily illegal, but is highly discouraged for a variety of reasons. However, unwarranted propositions that occur during work hours while on the job are a serious problem, as well are persisted propositions after saying, “No.” If propositions such as these are happening repeatedly after a stern, direct rebuffing, then you should most certainly seek out the counsel of an employment lawyer. A good employment lawyer can offer great advice on how to proceed with this ordeal in order to make your workplace a safe and comfortable place of peace.

3. Sexual Coercion

Power can be corrupting quite easily. One of the ways that this ugly quality rears its head is when a superior suggests a proposition, or else a form of punishment will be dished out. Now, we all need our jobs, therefore a threat such as this can be terrifying, and sadly many people give into that fear. However, you should absolutely, by no means give into it. If you feel that you are being punished or may even be fired for turning down a supervisor or manager, then you should immediately find a good employment lawyer. This behaviour should not be accepted at all, and your lawyer will help you to right this wrong.

4. Fired by Ex

As was mentioned above, there are many reasons as to why you should absolutely not date a coworker. If things do not work out or sour, then you may find yourself being discriminated against due to personal feelings rather than being judged by your professional efforts. If you lose your job or are otherwise treated unfairly by a coworker that you used to be romantically involved with, then you should contact an employment lawyer. Hopefully you will be able to stand up to unfair treatment in the workplace.

5. Name Calling

The unfortunate truth is that, while sticks and stone may break your bones, words can definitely still hurt you. Juvenile name calling is still alive and well in this day and age, so you may just be subjected to that at some point as well. Naturally, there are different forms of name calling such as blatant uses of profanity meant to hurt your feelings or make you uncomfortable. Although, another behaviour that you should be on the lookout for is less overtly obvious names such as “Sweetheart” or “Honey.” These softer names can easily be a gateway to more inappropriate behaviour, therefore should be stopped immediately. If you are ever consistently called names that make you uncomfortable, then an employment lawyer may be needed.

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