5 Signs of a Good Quality Mascot Costume

  • Anita
  • April 11, 2018
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If you want to increase the recognition of your brand and identify better with your market audience so that people will remember you, it’s important to make sure any mascots you are using have high-quality costumes.

The mascot helps your company stand out from the crowd, and communicates with your consumers, so having a great costume can make a memorable mark, meaning improved awareness of your brand. A high-quality mascot costume also ensures the person in the costume is comfortable during interactions.

When looking at mascot costumes, remember to take note of the below points:

1. Choose High-Quality Materials

To ensure a good-quality image, any costume you choose to use should be made from a variety of materials to create the most realistic look. Any designer you use to create your costume should offer you different material options and there should also be the option to order other types of material if needed.

Limited or cheap material supplies can almost guarantee that your mascot costume will also look and feel cheap. Regardless of image, a cheaply made costume may not last very long at all and may end up damaged and not useable, meaning further expenses for the company when you inevitably have to source a new one.

2. Check out the Stitching

The stitching is what keeps your costume in one piece. Bad-quality stitching can not only look awful but cause your costume to fall apart as fast as it was put together. When purchasing a mascot costume, check out previous costumes created or work done by the supplier, and make sure to pay attention to the stitching.

If it is tangled or wonky, it has likely been done without care. Your mascot costume should hopefully have a long lifespan and will be used for various events for your company, so ensuring high quality is essential in order to save on long-term costs. It is an investment, after all.

3. Timing

When you order your mascot costume, it may please you when you hear that your order can be supplied within the week; however, remember that anything of high quality takes time to be produced. Don’t opt for the quickest solution; instead, be patient and allow for good care to go into the creation process. Anything made very quickly will likely lack in quality.

4. Consistency

An important sign of a good-quality mascot costume is consistency throughout all costumes made by that supplier. Every costume will be created with high-quality materials and great stitching, ensuring quality and care in the process.

It’s a good idea to look at the supplier’s portfolio and past work in person, if possible. If costumes by the supplier are not consistent and are known to fluctuate in their levels of quality, you cannot guarantee that yours will be given the attention it needs for the investment you are about to make.

5. Price

If the costume is being provided to you at a low price, then you can almost guarantee that it will be made from poor-quality, cheap materials. You may be happy to receive a low-cost quote, and you might even think you are getting a good deal, but the likelihood is that the costume will be as cheap as the price. As the saying goes “you get what you pay for,” so even though it may be a large investment, it’s imperative to choose quality before price.

In conclusion, when looking for a mascot costume or a designer to make you one, always pay attention to detail and ensure good quality throughout. Look at the materials and stitching and check out other costumes by the same supplier. Also avoid being tempted by low prices, which may mean quality has been compromised.

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