5 Stylish Design Elements for Your Product Packaging

  • Anita
  • January 16, 2018
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Packaging consumer products is an essential aspect of marketing as it helps in identifying a product and assures customers that they are purchasing the right product. Products that are well-packed with eye-catching designs are more likely to enhance the visibility of a brand and is instrumental in boosting sales of the product. Getting your product design right is the first step in achieving enhanced brand credibility and improved sales. There are essential elements that you should never miss when developing the packing and below are the 5 things to include that have been proven to boost sales.

1. Attractive colors

Color psychology is a very critical aspect of any product packaging and picking the right colors will help your product stand out from your competition. Always choose attractive colors for your product package since they are known to sway consumer purchase habits. You will only be able to hold a potential customer’s attention for a few seconds so you need to make them count. Bright colors will instantly catch the attention of customers and lure them to consider your item. It is vital to ensure that your color scheme is consistent with your brand standards as well as your target demographic. Using an exciting yet simple combination of colors in packaging will also make your product more noticeable when grouped with and being compared to similar products from other companies.

2. Helpful product information

The information that you provide on your product’s packaging should be well-crafted, informative, and correct. Such details enhance trust with the customers, creating long-lasting relationships that lead to improved sales. Some of the general information to include in your packaging is the name of the product, instructions for use, as well as the manufacturing and expiry dates if applicable. For food and beverage packaging, you should include the nutritional information, storage recommendations and the ingredients of the product. New customers prefer buying products that have an informative product packaging since they will get an idea of the product they are purchasing and this often puts them ill at ease. The information should also be clear and straightforward as consumers usually dedicate only a few seconds to each product on the shelf.

3. Consider eco and user-friendly options

Most customers have become conscientious about environmental conservation and as a result they usually purchase products that are eco-friendly when the option is available. If you want to attract these customers, it is advisable to package your products using biodegradable or recyclable packaging materials. Also, products that have packaging that enhance storage and usability of the product play a significant role in influencing the chances of repeat sales by consumers as products that are in packages that are hard to manage are always a turn-off to customers and this can reflect badly on your company.

4. Right pictures

In successful packaging, a picture is a necessity as it helps in attracting customers. A simple picture can communicate more about your product than words do. It helps in improving the aesthetic value of the product and stimulate people to buy it. Using a consistent image will allow you to build your reputation around it and make it easily recognizable to the general public. A picture does not only aid in advertising but also giving information and elegance to the product. The right picture will also give your product a professional look and credibility that will make your sales improve significantly.

5. Simple typography

The typography that you use can be the difference between making a sale and customers choosing to buy from your competition for most first-time buyers. These people will try to read the product information first and if it is not readable no matter how informative it is, customers will move on. Legibility is a key aspect when communicating with the buyers. Always make use of different styles such as bold, italics, and some simple fonts to create contrast. This will make the content readable and attractive.

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