7 Stylish Design Trends for Your Bathroom

  • January 7, 2018

Winter is a popular time to get those bathroom renovations underway. It is also an ideal time to get your pipes and drains inspected by a professional local plumber. The cold outdoors puts exterior projects into a deep freeze, so interior renovations are a popular pastime. Having a beautiful lavatory is important because it is one of the main focal points of any home.

When considering any room renovation, it is important to look beyond the short term needs of the space. Planning long term, functional designs will keep your room stylish and easy to maintain, without having to put money and work into yearly style upkeep. As we head into a new year, many bathroom trends represent the moving environmental values that are prevalent today. Some of the top bathroom trends include:

1. Large Space

People are moving away from the smaller powder room spaces in favour of creating large, luxurious bathrooms instead. While some are building bigger spaces in their abodes, other homeowners are taking existing rooms, like spare bedrooms, and turning them into a luxurious washroom.

2. Earth Tones

Earth tones have been popular for some time and in the new trends, they are continuing. The natural hue of earthy colours creates a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere. Natural shades are also easier to accent with different fixtures and accessories, so it is a cinch to decorate the room with beautiful artwork.

3. Spa Setting

Society has become more hectic and stressed so to cope with the negative energy, spa treatments have become an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. The natural, beauty of a spa is not only relaxing, but visually stunning as well.

The beautiful décor found in commercial facilities has started to make its way to private residents as well. Since consumers cannot go to a professional service everyday, homeowners are now enjoying the same look in their own place by taking the features found in retail establishments and converting them into personal designs to fit their own setting.

4. Repurposed Wood

Repurposed wood is becoming a hot product for walls, furniture, artwork and private or commercial designs. Taking from the look found in professional spas, property owners are now utilizing that environmentally friendly theme by adding it to their own personal bathrooms.

Not only is repurposed wood attractive and functional, but the natural sustainable process is ethically and morally better for the planet.

5. Non-Matching Metallic Fixtures

Once upon a time, taps, towel racks, toilet paper holders, shower curtain rods, and showerheads had to match, or come as close as possible to the same design. The metal finish had to be the same to show uniformity and flow throughout the entire room.

But those days are now gone. People are using whatever metallic surfacing they want for each fixture without the worry or planning of keeping everything the same. Today it doesn’t have be similar, it just must blend beautifully with the rest of the room.

6. Statement Ceilings

Smaller bathroom ceilings are often painted to match the walls, so the space looks bigger and brighter. But today, the bigger rooms do not need a complete floor to roof colour match. Patterned ceilings add a whole new texture and ambiance to the room. Different coloured paint, wall paper, wood, or other accents on the ceilings are creating a statement in the restroom and that statement is “wow”!

7. Bold, Bright Artwork

The main colours in bathrooms are earthy and natural, so home dwellers are using bright, bold artwork to add a vibrant touch to the area.  Plants, paintings, and bold frames are all the rage in today’s lavatory. Homeowners planning to upgrade their washrooms this new year, can create their own personal spa in their own home with today’s design trends.

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