8 Secrets Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to Know

  • Anita
  • December 6, 2017
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Sometimes, you might feel like the only way to know about your workplace rights is to speak with an employment lawyer and to ask for some advice. Indeed, there are many things your boss simply doesn’t want you to know. Here are 8 of these things.

1. You have the right to discuss about your working conditions

Your boss probably doesn’t want you to know that you have the right to discuss your working conditions with your co-workers. It’s not legal to try to keep employees from talking about their salaries and benefits, and from comparing them.

2. You have the right to protest your working conditions

If you and your co-workers are not happy about your working conditions, you have the right to complain and to protest against them. If you want to go on strike, you should be legally protected and your employer shouldn’t have the right to fire you.

3. You don’t have the right to free speech

Another thing that you probably don’t know is that even though you have the right to protest, you don’t exactly have the right to free speech at work. This means that if you make false accusations, or if you complain about something that is not illegal, you will have to face the consequences.

4. You have more power than you think

Your boss doesn’t want you to know that you have more power than you think. If you witness anything illegal at your workplace, don’t hesitate to speak up against it. You should first speak with an employment lawyer to make sure you will be protected against retaliation.

5. You should take the time to read your employee handbook

Have you read your employee handbook? Some employers make their employees sign a paper saying they have read it, even though they have never actually received it. Your employee handbook contains important information, and you should make sure to read it carefully.

6. You have the right to get copies of the documents you sign

Each time your boss asks you to sign a document, you have the right to request a copy of it. This way, if ever you leave the company, you will know what you are not allowed to do if, for example, you have signed a non-compete agreement.

7. You probably have the right to be paid overtime

Some employers are ready to do anything they can to avoid paying overtime to their employees. You are probably entitled to overtime pay, without even knowing it. If you have some doubts, don’t hesitate to speak with an employment lawyer.

8. You might lose your social media accounts after you leave

If you have many followers related to your work on your social media accounts, your boss might try to claim your accounts after you leave their company. They might also claim that they own your blog. This can be a tricky situation to resolve without the help of an employment lawyer.

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