5 Naturopath Tips to Have a Healthy Spring

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  • April 3, 2018
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The sun is shining. Days are longer. The temperatures are gradually inching higher. The birds are chirping. And you’re getting into the mood for exercise, eating right, and emerging from a hermit into a beautiful butterfly (that’s how nature works, doesn’t it?).

With spring in the air, it is time that you participate in Mother Nature’s grand revitalization of life. Everything is being born all over again – and so should you! After months of being cooped up inside, watching the bludgeoning destruction of Old Man Winter, it is a welcomed relief to witness spring – for naturopaths, too.

It is a Strauss waltz. It is a Van Gogh painting. It is a Monarch flying. It is also an avocado salad, a morning jog, and meditation!

That’s right. As spring continues to make its triumphant return, this is your opportunity to have a personal spring cleaning, a resuscitation of a healthy lifestyle. It is time to abandon the desultory environment, the self-contemptuous dietary habits, and the incessant binge-watching of content.

Unsure what to do? Here are five naturopath tips to have a healthy spring:

1. Go for a Long Walk

Once you are prepared for spring, the very first thing that you should do is go for a long, long walk, preferably on the first really nice day of the March-to-June period.

By going for a long walk, you stretch your muscles, get fresh air, relish in the sights of nature, and allow your heart to beat faster. Walking is likely the greatest form of exercise: you don’t need to worry about over-exerting yourself, you can think more, and you burn calories.

2. Clean Out Your Fridge

When you have just gotten back from your stroll across the city, the park, or the harbour, the next step is to open the refrigerator door, examine what’s inside, and toss out the junk.

The cookies, the cake, the soda, the Twinkies. Anything that is high in fat, sugar, glucose-fructose, or corn syrup should be tossed in the garbage can.

Should your fridge be empty following this brave and heroic feat, then you need to venture to the supermarket and pick up a diverse array of fruits, vegetables, other plant-based goods, and non-soda beverages.

It can be hard to get accustomed to, but a healthy fridge is a healthy you.

3. Drink More Water

You need to consume more water. There’s no other way around it.

There is a reason why the old adage is that “water is the nectar of the gods.”

It is important for your body. You can’t simply imbibe litres of soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, lattes, and alcohol. You need water flowing through you. It improves your immune system, it flushes out harmful elements, and it is great mental booster. Just ask any naturopath.

Don’t like tap water? Get a Brita filter or buy bottled water. Just drink more of it!

4. Move More in Your Day

Let’s be honest: if you’re employed at an office, it can be extremely difficult to move more throughout your day. Sometimes, you feel you are glued and confined to your office chair. This is bad for your health, your posture, and your metabolism.

An impossible feat? Not quite. Even if it is just 30 seconds of stretching or walking on the same spot can do you world of good. Moreover, at lunch, rather than sitting down, you should stand.

If there is any opportunity to move, do it.

Ditto for off-hours and weekends. Stand on public transit. Don’t lounge in your sofa for three consecutive hours. Walk to and from your destination. Keep your body moving.

5. Get Ready for Sleep

Finally, and perhaps most important of all, your goal this spring should be getting better sleep.

We all need sleep, but many of us are not obtaining quality sleep. The usual go-to source for our paucity of snoozing is the smartphone. Though this provides us with a lot of trouble, naturopaths argue that it isn’t the only factor in our quest to get a good night’s rest.

Here are measures to employ to receive a real eight hours of sleep:

  • Keep a window open; allow the fresh air to flow in your room.
  • Avoid a computer or smartphone for at least two hours before bed.
  • Write in a book for all the things you’re grateful for.
  • Just lay in bed for several minutes not doing anything.
  • Use your phone for the alarm? Place it on the other side of the room.

Once you incorporate these tips into your nightly routine, you’ll sleep like a baby.

Around this time of the year, you usually start your spring cleaning: declutter, organize, clean the windows, dust locations you haven’t seen in months, and just sanitize your entire abode.

That said, you must also spring clean your body. Everything from eating the right foods to moving more throughout your day, naturopaths have a long list that you should heed, but these elementary suggestions are a great start!

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