5 Living Room Styles That Stand Out

  • Anita
  • December 8, 2017
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The living room of your home can say a lot about you to visitors. From your personal style, to perhaps even your personality, each piece of furniture is a hint about you. The question you have to ask yourself is: how do you want to present yourself to your guests? This handy little guide will examine five distinct living room styles, one of which may catch your eye and scream, “This is your style.”

1. Modern

Are you a fan of a style that is sleek, elegant, and sharp? Then the Modern style may be for you. This style boasts a visually pleasing, very organized characterization that is asymmetric and contains neutral colours. The style, itself, requires a lack of clutter, creating an illusion of having a clear, eased mind. As the opposite of the traditional and old-world styles, wood is swapped out for polished metal and glass. These qualities make for a very pleasant style for the more laid-back individual.

2. Contemporary

This enticing style features neutral elements, such as the Modern style. However, the difference here is that the Contemporary style is accentuated by bold pops of colour that align with the neutral elements. It’s as if you’re are adding a bold exclamation point to a calming atmosphere, creating unexpected fun and excitement. The soft, rounded lines of the furniture help to keep things from getting too exciting, though. This is a good fit for the easy going fun lovers out there.

3. Old World

This one is for the old souls and weathered personalities. Featuring a rough, aged appearance, this style calls back to the memories of the past. The antiquated look and darker colours give things a warm and inviting feel, as if you are being welcomed into the past with opened arms. Plus, the heavy, rustic materials used in this style are durable and are sure to stand the test of time.

4. Traditional

This familiar style calls to the standard household. Striking a delicate balance between Old World and Modern, the Traditional style has the warm colours of the Old World style, with some of the sharpness and glass based style of a modern living room. While it does look quite good, this style is all about the comfort and practicality that the typical household needs. This leads it to abandon the more fragile and elegant elements in exchange for a more soft and durable materials.

5. Transitional

This style brings us back to calming, neutral colours. A mixture of vanilla, dark brown, tan, and taupe work together to create a soft, pure environment for the more minimalist oriented folks. A mixture of curved and straight lines create a balance between the masculine and feminine, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. To accessorize the style, black and silver wall hangings or tabletop ornaments can be offset by white rugs or mats. This helps maintain the minimalist style while allowing you to add some subtle flair to your living room furniture.

As was stated before, choosing your personal style can be an important factor in life. You want to create a persona with your home, and the living room is something of the heart of your domain. Whether your sensibilities fall within the weathered designs of Old World, the sleek and pure feel of the Modern style, or the familial warmth of a Traditional feel, you can rest assured that there is most likely a style out there for you. As a parting message, I would like to say that if you simply can’t find that specific feel that you’re searching for, then don’t fret! You always have the option to simply do you, and create your very own, unique style. Setting yourself apart from the world is rarely a bad thing, so just go for it.

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