What A Blast! 5 Party Planning Questions for Your To-Do List

  • Anita
  • September 8, 2017
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Part of the fun of having a part is getting ready for it. What type of decorations will you have and what kind of food and drinks will you serve. Then there’s the guest list and maybe even making up a formal invitation for a special occasion like a landmark birthday or anniversary. What music will you have and will it be a live band or taped music? Where will you have the party? If it’s at a hall or banquet facility or hotel they will look after everything except the bill. That will be all yours.

But if you have it at your home or at a friend’s place you may not have everything you need to make this event a great success. You could buy some of those things, but if you are only going to use them once, why go through all the bother and expense? That’s when you start thinking about how could help you make this major celebration a smash and not a dud. Turn to the yellow pages or the Internet and find some party rental companies in your area. They might have some suggestions for you and maybe they can provide you with the missing ingredients to ensure you and your guests have the best time possible at your party.

Here are some questions to consider asking these party experts.

1. What can be rented?

Today you can rent just about anything for your party except for what you plan to eat and drink. You could even rent your guests, but what kind of fun would that be? So, your rental list can be wide and expansive and could range from decorations to tablecloths to party furniture for your guests to sit on. You can rent a large tent to protect your guests from rain or the heat or individual canopies to cover each table. In addition, you can rent party game supplies in all varieties and even a popcorn maker or a cotton-candy machine.

2. What are the latest trends in party rentals?

Many people bring their caterer to the party rental company with them so they get whatever special things you might like to have. Like a chocolate fondue fountain, for example. Some others ask the party rental rep to help them plan the décor that sometimes mixes classic items and more modern pieces. The latest trend is party rentals is people trying to create special moods or themes and a move towards more casual, family-style dinners and a push for green party rental packages that include recycled glassware, china, and fabrics.

3. What’s included in the party rental contract?

The party rental contract should have an itemized list with its price, as well as the delivery date, delivery fee, pick-up date, and service charge. There should also be notes about how much you will be charged if anything is damaged or broken, or just not returned. They usually have some overage built into the contract and that should be specified as well. The contact should state if you are responsible for bringing any of the rental items back yourself and if there any late charges if you fail to meet these deadlines.

4. Did you forget anything?

Just before the party you should walk through the area where the party will be held and imagine what it will look like with everyone standing or sitting there. Then, try and remember if there is anything you have forgot. People forget the craziest things, both big and small. The large things like tables and chairs should be easy, but what about champagne glasses if there’s going to be a toast? Or screens to wall off the food preparation and cleaning areas from the main party? Even if you forget now, the party rental company can almost always help with a last-minute request.

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