9 Qualities Of A Truly Great Leader

  • Anita
  • May 7, 2018
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What does it really take to be a good leader? Sure, leadership courses can help, but there are many qualities leaders should possess. How many of these 9 qualities of a truly great leader can you recognize in yourself?

1. A great leader is bold and fearless

Courage is something that can’t really be teached in leadership courses. A great leader needs to be bold and fearless if they want to be able to move towards their goals with confidence. Leaders just can’t afford to be afraid of blazing new trails.

2. A great leader is passionate about what they do

No one wants to work for a leader who is only there to earn a paycheck. Great leaders are passionate about what they do, and they know how to let this passion show and how to share it with their team.

3. A great leader can see opportunities for growth

A great leader needs a vision. They need to think about the future, to be able to recognize opportunities for growth, and to know how to make the most of those opportunities. A leader should also be able to inspire their team with their vision.

4. A great leader has the drive it takes to achieve a specific goal

Leaders are dreamers who must have the drive to make their dreams come true. They will lead their team towards a specific goal, and they will not stop until they have successfully achieved this goal.

5. A great leader has good communication skills

Good communication skills will help a great leader share their vision with their team, but they will also help them manage conflicts and resolve crises. Leaders who possess good communication skills are more credible than those who can’t communicate clearly.

6. A great leader knows how to motivate their team

It’s easy to motivate your team when everything is going smoothly, but can you keep everyone motivated when difficulties arise? A great leader knows how to motivate their troops, and how to ensure everyone is working to their full potential.

7. A great leader can recognize the strengths of each member of their team

A great leader can naturally recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each member of their team, and they will be dedicated to helping everyone develop their skills and their potential. They will allow everyone to add some real value to the team.

8. A great leader can take criticism with humility

A great leader has to be confident, but they also need to be able to take criticism and to admit when they are wrong about something. Being humble and grateful will provide leaders with many opportunities to better themselves.

9. A great leader always stays true to themselves

Great leaders are authentic, and they always stay true to themselves and to their beliefs. They will not compromise their values, no matter what happens. People who are working with a great leader know they can rely on them for their authenticity.

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