6 Fun Activities to Enjoy at a Retirement Community

  • Priya
  • April 6, 2018
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Today’s retirement and care communities are more interactive and fun than ever before. Those who choose to stay in retirement and care communities can rest assured that they will be taken care of by caring people who understand and empathize with their situations in life.

Moving from an independent life to one where you depend on others to perform even the most basic tasks is not easy. Being able to partake in activities can make life more enjoyable and improve mental health.

Keeping your mind and body active can help you stay alert and have fun.

To brighten their days, every effort is made to make the residents of retirement and care communities as comfortable as possible. After all, many residents are still vibrant and should be able to have fun and have some excitement in their lives.

Below are a few fun activities that are often offered to residents at a retirement and care community.

1. Opportunities for Laughter

Laughter has many benefits. It has been known to ease tension, build trust, promote cooperation, inspire people to think positively, remove barriers between people, and improve memory. It has also been attributed to an enhanced immune system, lower blood pressure, and improved alertness and creativity.

To keep the residents laughing, many retirement and care communities have activities such as comedy nights and humorous performers on a regular basis.

2. Games

Games help residents extend mental energy, stay alert, and think critically. Most retirement and care communities have regularly held card and board games that residents can engage in.

Large-print games such as Bingo can be very engaging and fun for seniors. Other card games that enable residents to become mentally engaged include Scrabble, word games, crossword puzzles, bridge, and rummy. Besides card games, many retirement homes organize fun group games such as balloon games, find-it, charades, and many more.

3. Special Themed Days

During special holidays, such as St, Patrick’s Day, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, retirement homes make it fun by decorating the common areas and encouraging everyone to dress the part. Themed days also often include multicultural nights, spring balls, and more. Themed days provide opportunities for fun, laughter, and excitement, while ensuring residents aren’t left alone on holidays.

4. Organized Outings

It’s refreshing for the seniors at a retirement home to be taken out for dinner or for some other activity such as a trip to the museum, the park, or the nearby mall. Time outside of the home makes the residents feel more refreshed and in touch with the rest of the world.

Provisions are also often made for services such as appointments outside the retirement home, which can be accompanied by a staff member.

5. Creative Crafts and Activities

At retirement and care communities, there are no shortages of creative crafts and activities to partake in. Many residents come into the home with a passion for singing, painting, or an instrument, and they can continue to use their skills in the care community. Others can also learn new skills and use these crafts and activities as a creative outlet.

6. Exercise

Everyone should continue to stay active throughout their entire lives in order to stay healthy. Retirement care communities take physical activity seriously and come up with new exercises and classes for residents to partake in. Residents will get their blood flowing and their limbs stretching with senior-friendly classes such as aerobics and yoga.

A retirement and community care centre should be a home away from home. When considering a community for yourself or a loved one, ensure it offers fun, engaging activities, outings, and games that keep residents happy and active.

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