5 Flower Arrangement Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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  • January 30, 2018
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You see it presented everywhere, especially in advertisements and movies—the epitome of Valentine’s Day gift-giving is the bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, or all three. They are sweet, romantic gifts delivered from flower shops that allow people to show appreciation for their partners. If you are looking to buy a gift this year and are unsure of what to purchase, read further for flower arrangement ideas that will convey a special message to your loved one.

Chocolates or a bottle of wine are easier to buy, especially for last-minute gifts. With bouquets, on the other hand, it’s not always so simple. All flowers are beautiful, but you don’t want to get just any flower arrangement either. Each flower has a different meaning to it.

For Valentine’s Day, the flowers often used for arrangements are roses, carnations, lilies, and tulips. You then also have flowers significant to February as a birth month, which are violets, primroses, and irises. So, if your loved one happens to be born in February, try to incorporate a birth month flower into the bouquet along with the ones that are dedicated to Valentine’s Day.

1. Roses and Carnations

Roses scream out love, passion, and romance. The red petals strewn across rooms or the single flower with a bottle of champagne—it’s the typical picture associated with the day of love.

If you don’t want to present a bouquet of red roses and are looking for originality, opt for a different colour. White roses are increasing in popularity. Pick a colour that you know your significant other would adore. Each colour also carries its own meaning: Pink is a little less intense of a declaration when compared to presenting a red rose. Yellow is a great choice when you want to send a bouquet to a friend. Red and white is a great combination as well, indicating unity between you and your loved one.

Roses are also a great flower to coordinate with other flowers, such as carnations. Kim Kardashian made the rose and carnation duo more popular when she posted a gift given to her by her husband. Carnations also add a gentle look to a rose bouquet.

2. Teacup Bouquets

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your choice of the bouquet base. There are a variety of ways to present a bouquet of flowers. A teacup bouquet, for example, is a sweet and subtle idea that will make the gift feel unique.

3. Heart-Shaped Bouquets

Adding to exploring different arrangement ideas—after Kim Kardashian’s wall of flowers, she prompted people to look into a variety of floral shape arrangements instead of solely opting for a traditional bouquet.

A wall might be too extravagant. Dwindle it down to a bouquet using a heart mould as the base.

4. Customization

Your partner will really appreciate a customized bouquet. It shows creativity and care, and it also indicates an extra level of thought.

Think of what your partner likes. Think of activities, clothing items, colours, etc.

If your loved one really enjoys playing tennis, for example, intertwine flowers onto a tennis racquet. If it’s shoes they like, you can create a bouquet and use a shoe as a vase.

5. Birthday Month

If it so happens that your loved one’s birthday is also in February, incorporate the appropriate flowers into your arrangement of choice. As mentioned above, February flowers are irises, primroses, and violets.

Ranging in colour from yellow to purple, primroses are a lovely addition to any bouquet. Giving their meaning of belonging and kindness, it would make a special gift for a loved one.

With the meaning of passion behind yellow irises, they would be an appropriate addition to a bouquet as well.

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