5 Awesome Features of the Apple Smart Watch

  • Anita
  • December 1, 2017
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If you have been on any Kuwait online shopping sites, you may have seen so many cool things that caught your eye. Well, who can blame you? Some of these online sites and companies are really good because they are very fast with processing the order.In fact, a lot of the time, depending on where you shop, they will even send it the very same day! One of the things worth mentioning is a smartwatch. If you are thinking of getting one, these things will blow you away! Let’s take a closer look at some of these smartwatches.

1. You Can Get Directions

Some of the older folk would never have thought something like this would happen in their lifetime! A smartwatch can actually help you get directions if you are driving. You will need to have your phone with you in the car, but these days, who doesn’t? You just have to say your destination out loud. You’ll then get precise directions, where to turn, when a street is coming up and things like that, to take you right to your destination with no problems.

2. Voice Search

You can ask questions or use hands-free texting with your smartwatch while you’re doing something else, like waiting in line to pay for groceries. All you need to do is activate the voice search by saying “OK Google” and this will make your smartwatch listen. You can ask it, “Do I need my umbrella tomorrow?” and you’ll get your answer. It can even remind you to do things, such as call someone at 2.30 in the afternoon. If you need to text someone, just talk and it will be converted into text. You can open particular apps just by talking to your smartwatch.

3. Get Alerts

You can always be informed by staying on top of any news. This can be helpful especially if you are travelling somewhere. Get updates on weather conditions or breaking news. You pretty much determine what news or information you want. It can also prompt you by telling you that you need to leave in 10 minutes to get to your meeting on time.

4. Durable

Smartwatches are also pretty durable. They can withstand water, dust, the occasional accident like being dropped onto a hard surface and also harsh weather conditions. You can also go non-stop for days without charging and when you need to charge it, you can do so on the wireless charger.

5. Customize With 1000s Of Apps

You can customize your smartwatch with thousands of apps so that you can do virtually anything. Going overseas? You can book a flight with it. Play music or do some shopping. You can change the font to keep with your personality by making it fancy. You can even use your smartwatch to make payments! As long as you can tap or swipe a credit card, payment is never a problem.

There seems to be no end to what smartwatches can do. For people who are really busy and always on the go, smartwatches can be incredibly useful. You can access your email or send messages with it, track your fitness regime or even switch the band to go with your personality. If you go to any Kuwait online shopping sites, be sure to check out what kind of smartwatches appeal to you and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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