5 Design Tips for Corporate Branded Products

  • Priya
  • May 30, 2018
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promotional branded company products act as an ambassador for the company. It is a powerful form of building brand recognition. Customers are more likely to recall the brand on a promotional item in their possession than a TV advertisement.  There are various business-related products that can be branded such as pens, coffee mugs, notepads, umbrellas, USBs, key chains, bags and more.

Almost anything can be turned into a branded promotional item which is all part of the advertising strategy. Branded products are a great way to keep the company name in front of past and potential clients. However, to ensure this works, you have to select products that will make a difference. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Avoid short shelf life products

While notebooks seem like a good choice to brand, once all pages are used they are recycled. Calendars are good as well, but they only last for a year. Unless you are providing yearly calendars, the brand can be forgotten after that year. Choose products that have a long shelf life such as caps, mugs and USBs. Calendars should be a regular yearly giveaway. It would be even better to circle important dates on the calendar making it useful for the client.

2. Select products the customer will use and want

Promotional items work best when needed and used frequently. Observe your customers and see what they commonly use for their day to day business. It could be a pen, USB or coffee mug. Use these observations to determine the best promotional item that will be continuously used by your customers. Some wanted items include travel accessories and bags. If your customer is a frequent golfer, then you want to provide him or her with a golf bag or other golf gear that he or she will use. Useful products used daily means that your brand is in front of your client and the people around them.

3. Avoid overcrowding the product with company information

A promotional item is an effective way to boost brand awareness and get your company name in front of clients. All you need is your logo and at times maybe the website. It is best to keep it simple by avoiding overcrowded images and just using the company logo.

4. Avoid devaluing your brand with cheap promotional products

Because your company buys in huge quantities, you look for items that are not too costly and can be purchased in bulk. Poorly made t-shirts or pens are some frequent items. Ensure to avoid items that can devalue your business and brand.

Customers are likely to compare the value of the promotional item to the value of your business. The worse promotional item can stay in the minds of the customer and at times have a lasting impression. Make sure to leave an intended impression. Cheap merchandise may not be effective for branding. However, it is important to consider an affordable budget and to select merchandise that are cost-effective, good quality and long-lasting.

5. Hand out promotional items

Promotional products are appealing. It might be expensive to hand out promotional items with business cards especially if you are visiting customers frequently. However, if you aim to provide a promotional item to potential clients, you can expect a conversion. Business cards are good to hand out, but when you add a promotional item, you are providing the client with an item that will be handy in their day-to-day business or personal activities. This builds a connection with the client as you are offering a promotional giveaway that is more memorable than just a business card or brochure.

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