5 Shopping Tips to Buy the Most Comfortable Shoes

  • Anita
  • March 16, 2018
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Good shoes contribute to good health. So, when you go shopping for shoes don’t limit your choice of shoes to fashion, style and color. Buy comfort shoes that fit properly and provide good support. The biggest reason for foot pain is that we buy shoes that are not comfortable, too tight and don’t conform well to the shape of our feet.

Here are a few tips to buy the right footwear:

1. Ensure it is the right fit

You can ensure the shoes are a right fit by tracing your foot and then placing the shoes on your trace. If the shoes are smaller or narrow to your trace, you are better off not buying the pair of shoes regardless of how good they look. Even if the shoe is the right size in length but not in width, you will feel uneasy when you walk. Both the length and width should be proportionate for optimal comfort.

2. Comfort

Don’t live with foot pain. It is not too late to throw away shoes that have caused you a lot of pain. When buying new shoes, try the shoes on and make sure they are comfortable to walk in. Walk around the shop to see how you feel. Determine if it is tight, easy to remove and provides your toes with wiggling space. Trust your comfort level rather than base your purchase on the look or your shoe size.

Various manufacturers have different sizes, so it is best to try the shoe and ensure it fits well. You may want to examine the inside of the shoe to see if there are no tags, seams and material that might cause irritation to your feet. Shoes should at all times be pain-free.

3. Avoid advertisements or sales claiming comfort

Don’t forget that shoes you wear contribute to healthy feet. Advertisements and sales representatives may claim that the shoes are designed for comfort, but you can only be the judge of that. View advertisements and sales representatives as a source of information to make a buying decision. Once you have all the design and manufacturing details, you can then try the shoes and decide if they are the appropriate footwear for you. Comfy shoes should be comfortable from the time you try it on.

4. Choose a hybrid shoe store

Very few shoe stores combine a foot clinic and store. These stores generally have in-house pedorthic and orthotic specialists to help determine the right footwear for your feet. The shoes they produce and sell fit properly, are comfortable, pain-free, healthy, ensures blood circulation, air circulation and prevents feet blisters. The specialists work closely with you in understanding your needs and lifestyle. They help to customize the shoes to fit your requirements for various activities whether hiking, dancing or simply walking.

These hybrid stores ensure shoes contribute to hygienic and healthy feet. The shoes also match your exact foot trace. Above all, these stores supply custom made orthopedic footwear that do not lack in styles and color.

5. Protection

Buying the correct shoes is an investment for good healthy feet. Ensure the soles of the shoes are strong enough to provide protection from sharp objects or uneven ground conditions. Flexible soles allow your feet to articulate well over bumps in the ground. Most importantly, soles should prevent slips. There are some shoes that offer removable insoles which can be replaced when worn out. Shoes also have a proper cushioning for less stress on joints and improvement of leg muscles. Additionally, shoes that are waterproof can prevent damage caused by rain or water puddles. This way your feet are kept clean and dry at all times.

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