6 Design Ideas to Renovate Your Loft

  • October 1, 2017

When looking for a new home, lofts can offer the ideal property option for both families and single homebuyers. With the large open spacing and enhanced lighting, it’s little wonder that loft apartments are becoming the ideal option for this generation of buyers. But before moving into your new loft space, it’s important that you gain a comprehensive understanding on how to select the ideal loft for your purchase requirements. And so, within this latest post, our experts highlight six considerations when choosing lofts.

1. The Partition Styles

The partition styles chosen for the space are a critical consideration when selecting lofts. Without specific rooms like you might find in a traditional apartment, the loft requires partitions to keep spaces separate. The material chosen for the partitions is an important consideration, and may determine the long-term value of the real estate space. Some loft apartments are designed with pocket doors to improve the amount of space available. Make sure you complete a walk-through of the property and check for how you can navigate the space.

2. Room for Creativity

One of the primary reasons for choosing a loft style apartment over others is the large amounts of natural light that enter the property. When set up correctly, a loft space can be ideal for the artist looking to hone their creative talents. If you’re choosing a loft solely for its available light, consider how the light enters the space. Is there enough light during the day for you to work with on your creative pieces? Does the space have a skylight for additional lighting? Try to picture how you would set up the loft if you were to move, and ensure there’s a spot for all of your creative pursuits.

3. Accessibility Challenges

Loft spaces above buildings tend to have their own accessibility challenges, but these challenges can be overcome with some forethought. Consider the entryway into the property and whether there’s an elevator to the front door or multiple sets of stairs. Consider, also, the safety of the property at this height. For example, is the fire exit located conveniently with quick access to the outside stairs? It’s this type of consideration that will become important in choosing the ideal loft space for the future.

4. Decorative Options

With their higher than average ceilings and increased window space, you might be more limited with your decorative options when choosing lofts than if you were choosing a traditional apartment. Try to consider all of your decorative options, and whether you can enhance the property to ensure it feels like home regardless of whether you can add all the personal touches you’d like within the space.

5. Above Head Lighting

The higher ceilings of the loft space may open up your lighting options. This can be particularly important for those loft spaces that don’t get a lot of natural light due to the placement of buildings close by and other elements blocking the light from coming in. Make sure that you have a significant range of lighting options available after your move. You can also use these lighting products to distinguish the areas of the property in your new open-concept loft design.

6. Plan Ahead for Moving

Completing the move can be a challenge in lofts where access is limited. Make sure you have a plan for the moving process and for ensuring that all of your belongings are suitable for the new home. You can always add more furniture and other larger pieces once you have an understanding of the space.

Lofts are a great option for a broad range of home buyers. Take a look at the latest options in your area and review the considerations in this post ready for the moving-in process.

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